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Yoga Classes in Harrogate


The word yoga can be translated as ‘unity’, ‘oneness’, ‘joining together’. On a practical level this means balancing and harmonising body, mind and emotions through asana (postures), pranayama (working with the breath) and meditation with awareness at its heart. On a spiritual level, it is about the union between individual and universal consciousness.

For 5000 years people have been practising Yoga, collecting wisdom and knowledge, discovering tools and developing techniques that allow self-development and enhance physical vitality, mental health and resilience and a deep inner joy and peace.

Yoga is for everybody

You do not need to be able to touch your toes with straight legs, do headstands or sit in full lotus position.
Whether you would like:

  • your body to become more flexible, stronger, toned and just happier
  • your mind to become calmer and more focused to find stillness in your busy daily life within yourself
  • take time out
  • to find out what yoga is like
  • de-stress and recharge
  • to manage pain and health
  • time and space to practise yoga,
  • to follow a structured yoga practice and go deeper
  • to enjoy new input for your own practice
  • practise mindfulness
  • to correct your breathing patterns or breathing issues
  • help during pregnancy and preparation for birth
  • to help your posture, your back or improve spinal health

Or just to ‘BE’ with your body, your breath and your awareness.

You only have to bring yourself.

Wear loose comfortable clothing.
Mats, blocks and blankets are provided - you are also welcome to bring your own.
Avoid a big meal just before the class.
Bring an extra layer for relaxation, such as socks and a fleece.