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Yoga Classes in Harrogate

FAQ - Frequently Answered Questions

Any questions you may have regarding the Yoga Classes or practising Yoga, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. Here are some of the questions, I have regularly been asked.


Yoga is not about being flexible or about being competitive. It is about becoming more aware of your body and working with your body as it is. Let your body do what it is happy to do and capable of. Over time you will notice a difference and your body will become more flexible.
If you are not sure, you should seek medical advice from your GP. In a great number of instances you can still attend and practise safely, as long as you are prepared to look after your body. Maybe you will have to adjust some of the postures, but there are usually a number of alternatives to suit your particular body. If in doubt give me a call and we can talk about it and find the most suitable class.
Yes, as meditation is about focusing the mind, about concentrating, about awareness and mindfulness. Meditation is not about ‘emptying’ the mind.
No, there are chairs, cushions, meditation stools and blocks available.
You just have to bring yourself. It’s best to wear loose comfortable clothes. Avoid a big meal just before the class. Mats, blocks and blankets are provided but you are welcome to bring your own. For the relaxation you may like to put on another layer such as socks or a fleece.
A yoga class is one and a half hours, the meditation class is one hour.
As I roughly follow the school terms, it can vary. You can find the exact number of classes per term and dates on the timetable.
Please contact me beforehand to make sure there is space. The first class is free. Payment is then per term. If you join in the middle of the term pro rata rates apply.
Over the years I have been teaching it has become evident that it helps you, the class and me to commit to a term and have it as a fixed date in your dairy. If you miss a session you can usually catch up on another day in one of the other classes. But please check with me before you come that there is a space available for you.

If you miss three or more classes, I offer an individual class.
Individual classes allow you to work with a particular area, fit in with job or family commitments or perhaps develop your own home practice. Just for you. What you need and when you need it.
On road parking is available.

You are welcome to use the drive. As everybody leaves at a similar time blocking each other in is not an issue.


“Coming to yoga later in life has been a revelation - a most precious find. Yoga with Ute is a sacred space in my busy week, her wisdom and guidance creating a serene and friendly atmosphere in her own beautiful home. The whole experience is joyous and I only wish I'd discovered yoga (and Ute) years ago!”
Pam S

“I so very much look forward to Harrogate Yoga classes and I am so grateful to Ute for finding me a place on another day when I am unable to attend. Unlike other classes participants rarely exceed six.”
Karen Scales

“Ute is a first class Yoga teacher, who brings peace, relaxation and flexibility into my busy life – priceless!”

“Yoga with Ute has transformed how we feel.”

“I so enjoy yoga and meditation with Ute. She has a gently powerful way that enables me to connect with my body and still my mind. I notice that as well as being more agile, I am kinder and more compassionate towards myself and others. Ute’s mindful presence leads me to discover over and over a richer quality of own authentic beingness.”
Benita Treanor

“Yoga – Living a Fairy Tale
Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon. The link that you make between fairy tales and yoga is really interesting and inspiring. I have a tendency to overthink , over analyse and over read around my yoga practice and this afternoon really reminded me to just to listen and to experience the subtleties of the practice in the moment.”


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